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7 Tips to Boost Your Mental Health and Lower Depression

heart pendant with i am grateful written on it#1 Track Gratitude and Achievements

It’s important to remember things that we are grateful for in life. When we write down or think about what we are grateful for it brings the positive to the front of the brain.

This will send the negative thoughts away while we focus on the positive.

It is always a good idea to keep track of all of your accomplishments. When you’re depressed it becomes all too easy to focus on the negative. That we are failures at everything we do. Read More

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Depression Stigma: What to Know and How You Can Help

Depression Stigma: What to Know and How You Can Help

Stigma surrounds every mental illness. The stigma varies from illness to illness but it is different for depression from the rest of the mental illnesses out there.

Depression has such a negative aspect to it which makes people dealing with it seem to be unreliable and unattractive.

There is also a self-stigmatization which makes people feel ashamed of themselves and causes them to be secretive about their illness. This is a big barrier in causing the person to seek out treatment for what they are going through. Read More

Life With Depression: First Major Crash

To understand my first major crash after moving back to Canada and realizing my mistake with my daughter I need to take you back in time a little bit to give some background information.

Growing Up With My Step Dad and Mom

My mom and my stepdad provided very well for me growing up. I wasn’t abused, I was given everything that I needed, and was raised quite well by them. However, in some ways, they weren’t there for me. By that I mean emotionally. Read More

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4 Tips to Help You Get Motivated When You are Depressed

Depression is a killer to energy, focus, interest, and motivation. People suffering from depression get what they are supposed to do but the question they often ask is how?

At the very beginning, it can be extremely difficult to get yourself motivated when dealing with depression. If you can get a bit of a kick starter it can often time make things easier. How though, do you get that kick starter and get the engine running? Read More

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How Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Can Help Depression

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, also known as CBT, is a type of psychotherapy. CBT helps to modify a person’s thought patterns which in turn help to change behaviors and moods. The basics of the idea are that negative feelings or actions result in distorted thoughts or beliefs.

CBT gives a blend of both behavioral and cognitive therapy. The cognitive side will focus on a person’s thoughts and moods. The behavioral side focuses on the behaviors and actions of the person. Read More

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Life With Depression: Moving Back To Canada

My depression only continued to get worse. After my third cry for help, I had decided that if no one else cared why should I? I finally gave up caring.

At that point, I decided that I would take the core of who I was and partition it in a deep corner of my mind and walled it up.

I figured that I wouldn’t let the depression taint and completely destroy the essence of who I was. This helped me to protect myself as I finally let the depression run rampant through my body. Read More

Green Tea and Vitamin B12 For Depression Experiment Results

In my post, Green Tea and Vitamin B12 for Depression Experiment, I gave some background to how the experiment came to be and outlined the experiment. 

In this post, I will be discussing the results of my experiment after giving it a try for one month. I was only able to drink the green tea twice a day. As mentioned in the experiment post the optimal consumption of green tea is four times a day.

However, even at the two cups a day I was able to see some results. From the results, I have had I hope to increase the green tea consumption to three or four cups a day and see if it helps more.  Read More

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Life With Depression: Third Cry for Help

I can’t say for other mental illnesses, but with depression, it completely changes who you are. You find that with a mental illness you are no longer the same person. It seems to strip away everything you used to be and fill you with this incredible sadness. On top of that, you have the lack of energy, motivation, and desire to do things. The depression brings with it a sense of death. Death to life, to happiness and to things you used to enjoy doing.

After my second cry for help, I was starting to feel that no one cared. If no one cared about me, why should I care? However, there was still something in me that wanted to fight. To this day this small light that wants to fight back is there. For me I find it to be an annoying part of myself. Read More

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A Look Inside The Mind When Feeling Suicidal

I have been keeping my blog posts to once a week, however, I thought this would be a good opportunity to add to my story and help create some awareness into the life with depression and suicide.

woman with arm out and hand full of pills on the floorThe Depression Hit Hard and Suicide Became an Option

Last night my depression hit hard. I am in a constant state of depression so I get used to having it there. However, it hit harder than it has in a while and brought me to the doorstep of attempting suicide with the door wide open. Read More

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Green Tea and Vitamin B12 for Depression Experiment

two people sitting down talking over coffeeI had a chance to sit down with a friend of my dads who had been through depression for many years himself. During our conversation, he mentioned that he had started drinking green tea and taking vitamin B12 shots. What he found was that after a while the depression slowly started to go away.

After a time he noticed that he wasn’t suffering from the depression anymore. As our conversation continued he mentioned how he had contact through a few of his friends who had found the same thing to be true for them. Read More