Joining A Support Group: Is It The Right Choice For You?

Dealing with a mental illness is difficult, there’s no question about that. Maybe one of the options you’ve been considering is joining a support group. It can be hard to join a group of strangers and talk about the issues you’re having problems with.

However, a support group can also add a lot of relief. Maybe you’re wondering why you should bother trying out a support group. If that question is running through your head check out these reasons.

Joining a group can help to avoid feeling isolated and alone

One of the greatest enemies you may encounter are the feelings of being isolated. Knowing that you are not alone can be very reassuring and even help to lift the mood a bit.

You will find out that your struggle isn’t as unique or different from others as you initially thought it would be. You don’t have to deal with these difficult struggles all on your own.

Meeting with people who deal with the same struggles can offer some relief. The more you share your struggle the more relief you are likely to find.

Be part of a group that reaches out to others.

When you start sharing your experiences and struggles as well as your thoughts and feelings you are opening up yourself to others and getting those struggles out in the open. Getting them off your chest so to say.

You are sharing with others who can relate and experience the same things you do so you can share without the fear of criticism or judgment.

As you share and listen to others share you will realize that you are starting to feel connected to people again and this can help with a feeling of connectedness to the outside world once more.

Joining a group gives you a shoulder to lean on

We are all seeking answers and solutions to our problems. Sometimes, however, all we need is someone to listen to what’s going on, a shoulder to lean on and give support.

The best people to verbalize our issues too are those who can understand and are in the same shoes as we are. They understand our problems first hand and can relate to most if not all aspects of what we are going through.

By having the ability to lean on another’s shoulder and offering your shoulder for someone else to lean on gives strong emotional support and offers some relief.

Joining a group to hear and be heard and stay informed

When you join a support group you have the chance to be heard by others. Instead of holding everything inside you, you can get it out and be heard.

You also have the chance to hear other people’s stories and struggles that you can relate to and not feel so alone in what you are going through. You may also find that you will get some information that you haven’t heard about yet for different treatments or coping strategies which may be of benefit to you.

There are many other reasons and benefits of joining a support group. It can be scary the first and even second time you attend the group. The more you attend the easier it will be to start speaking and be heard. You will make connections with people that will help you feel a bit more connected with the outside world.

These are safe places to find out more about what others are going through, how you can relate and get more information that you may not know about.

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Richard Bailey

I have suffered from severe chronic depression for just over two decades. I have gone through many treatments and all medications that the Dr.'s I work with have available to them but have been treatment resistant. I hope to help people and inform people on mental health and wellness through this blog.

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