Loneliness and Isolation Can Be Overcome Find Out How

Living an isolated life can lead to depression. It is in our human nature to seek out companionship either in the form of friendships or relationships. There are many reasons that a person may find themselves isolating either as a temporary situation or a long term situation. Some of these reasons are:

  • A Person might not be good at making friends. This could stem from shyness, just a general issue with bonding, or could even be a health issue that interferes.
  • The person could have experienced negative interactions in their past and are now to afraid to try once again to make a connection with other people.
  • The person may have moved to a new city or town and they simply don’t know anyone there.
  • The person may live in a small community where there just aren’t many people or opportunities to meet new people.

Sometimes isolation can come from making a good decision. This could be that the person has moved to a new location, maybe because of a job, and ends up finding themselves missing the neighbors they used to have. Being in the new location they may also be too far away from friends to be able to make an in person connection possible.

Sometimes when moving to a new location people find that groups of people are already connected and it is hard to become a part of that group. This could even be an issue where the person is currently living and the people near them don’t have an interest in adding a new member to their circle of friendship.

How Friendlessness and Isolation Affects Health

Being alone and the feelings of loneliness are not something that anyone likes to feel. When the need for a relationship either friendship or relationship is not met things can often become chaotic.

In many cases circumstances are the results of the isolation and isolating behaviors. These circumstances, whatever they may be for the individual, are sometimes extremely difficult to overcome. Whatever the case may by it is important to note that loneliness isn’t a sign of weakness.

If you are in this type of situation, finding friends should be at the top of your to-do list. It is not the quantity of friends that you have but the quality of friendships that matter the most. Keep that in mind when you are searching for people you can connect with.

With today’s age of technology it is becoming easier to meet up with people who share the same interests. Looking for groups in your local area on Facebook where events are planned to meet up for an activity is one solution. A second good solution is the website meetup.com where the intent is to meet up with people for certain events. At these events you have a chance to make some connections with other people.

Being around people at work or in school often only provides acquaintances. You may find that some of these people are in the same situation as you are and may just have the same mental blocks to take things a step further in friendship.

If you are a religious person or someone who is wanting to explore religion, churches are a great place to meet new people. They are often filled with lonely people and people looking to make life connections.

How Can You Relieve Loneliness?

Looking for and finding someone that you can confide in can be very difficult. It takes work on your part to step outside of your comfort zone and seek those friendships.

When people ask you if you are interested in doing something you will have to start saying “yes”. You will need to throw judgment out the window and take some time to get to know the person. It can take some time to truly know a person and see if you click and there is a connection there.

Along with Facebook groups and the meeup.com website another option to consider is hiring a life coach. A life coach is someone with whom you can talk to and can also help you overcome some of the barriers that may be keeping you from meeting new people.

Having a life coach while you are feeling lonely or isolatedcan help fill the gap until you are able to make some connections with otherpeople. Some life coaches do meet in person but most are through phone calls orelectronic communication. The coach might just give you a step up in confidencewith talking to people and help you in getting out and making more connectionswith others.


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I have suffered from severe chronic depression for just over two decades. I have gone through many treatments and all medications that the Dr.'s I work with have available to them but have been treatment resistant. I hope to help people and inform people on mental health and wellness through this blog.


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