5 Benefits of Adult Coloring for Anxiety and Stress

When it comes to coloring, it is no longer something that is just for children.

There are many adults these days that are also coloring, and it is not just to give them temporary feelings of returning to their days of youth.

As you look around, more and more these days there are many adults who are also coloring and it offers quite a few therapeutic reasons.

This post will cover 10 of the benefits you can find in adult coloring, and how they can make an impact in your life in a major way.

This post will take a dive into adult coloring and how it can help you to relieve some of your anxiety and stress.

This post will also discuss how art therapy, in the form of adult coloring, offers some great therapy for people with mental health issues.

Hopefully, this will help you see how adult coloring will assist in finding a mindful state and also be used as a type of medication.  This post will also show how it can help with creativity and bring back some feelings from your youth when you used to color all the time.

1. Adult Coloring Pages can Help to Reduce Stress

Art therapy seems to be a new hot topic as a powerful way to assist in relieving stress, however, it is not some new millennial idea.

The use of coloring in order to relieve symptoms of stress goes back to a pioneer of modern psychology, Carl Jung.

Jung’s focus was on creating and coloring mandala’s and you will find them as one of the more popular types of pages to color in adult coloring books, or even books that are all mandalas.  The intricate designs of the mandalas take a lot of concentration from the person coloring them.

The intricate patterns found in these types of coloring pages give people many options to express their creativity in a positive way.

When you are coloring these mandalas, you may find that it will help you to meditate while coloring and even help in finding a higher state of consciousness.

The designs that can be found draws a person into the pattern that they are coloring.  A person may find themselves in a semi-hypnotic state while they color.

2. You Can Relieve Anxiety with Adult Coloring

There are millions of adults that are affected by anxiety as a mental condition or illness.

Anxiety can include constant worrying and even panic attacks that can be debilitating.  Some of the symptoms that people experience with anxiety are fevers, nausea, very high-stress levels, and chills.

One of the methods used to help calm and soothe anxiety and negative emotions is with adult coloring pages. I know that when I spent some time at the Homewood Health Centre art therapy was widely used and stressed as a way to help with emotions of depression and anxiety.

This method of reducing anxiety is a simple activity and requires complete focus to work on, taking your mind away from the negative or constant thinking.  The patterns you can find in adult coloring books can sometimes be hypnotic as you concentrate on what you are doing and coloring intricate designs.

Artistic expression can also help people who suffer from anxiety go into a deeper and more relaxed state of mind.  This can help to make other forms of therapy a person may be doing more effective.

Not only is adult coloring an effective means of self-therapy during times of anxiety, but it can also help the person to become more open to a rational discussion as it calms the mind and makes the person feel better.

3. Adult Coloring Exercises the Brain

When it comes to coloring, it is not a right brain or left brain usage scenario.  The task of coloring actually exercises both hemispheres of the brain, giving you a full brain workout.

When you are coloring you are using the creative side of your brain to make artistic color choices which provide aesthetic balance to the art you are creating.

At the same time, you are using your frontal lobe for the concentration and focus of the organizational ideas in creating something.

When adults are coloring they are using the rational side of their brain which brings in problem solving and fine motor skills.

So, while coloring may seem like such a simple task, you are truly using your entire brain in order to complete the design you are coloring.

4. Sparks Creativity

As a blogger, I am constantly thinking of creativity for things like new blog post ideas, chapter ideas for a book that I am trying to work on, and marketing ideas and strategies.  The work that goes into coming up with all these ideas does begin to wear on me and there are many days that I find I just don’t have any more creative juice left, while also battling with my depression and anxiety.

So, one thing that I can do is adult coloring.

While coloring, my mind empties as I focus on what I am doing.  Often times, when you are putting all your focus in the details of the page you are coloring the mind will begin to wander a bit.

Adult coloring can be very similar to meditation and mindfulness. It creates freedom for the mind while at the same time allowing you to make connections where there may have been none before.

This can mean some personal growth or also you may find some good creative ideas coming to mind. Essentially giving your mind some downtime in order to create some new creative connections and things you may not have thought of before.

5. Coloring Helps You be More Mindful

As I have mentioned in other posts about mindfulness, when you practice mindfulness you are putting all of your attention on the current moment, allowing you to accept the current moment without any type of judgment.

This creates a great place to start in clearing your mind, giving your mind a break, and creating some happiness.

The more complex the design is on the page that you are coloring, the more attention and focus you need to dedicate to the task you are working on.  When you are doing this, without trying or even realizing it you are often putting the practice of mindfulness into play, you are fully focused on the present moment.

There is more to mindfulness than just coloring, but this helps you to teach yourself methods to slow yourself down from your hectic world and create an environment and opportunity to allow creativeness to enter your mind.

If you practice mindfulness, using adult coloring can help you to practice in a different way and you may find it easier and more relaxing than listening to a guided mindfulness audio.  It creates and allows for something for you to deeply focus on while your cares of the day drift away and gives you some time of peace.

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