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7 Tips to Boost Your Mental Health and Lower Depression

heart pendant with i am grateful written on it#1 Track Gratitude and Achievements

It’s important to remember things that we are grateful for in life. When we write down or think about what we are grateful for it brings the positive to the front of the brain.

This will send the negative thoughts away while we focus on the positive.

It is always a good idea to keep track of all of your accomplishments. When you’re depressed it becomes all too easy to focus on the negative. That we are failures at everything we do. Read More

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Depression Stigma: What to Know and How You Can Help

Depression Stigma: What to Know and How You Can Help

Stigma surrounds every mental illness. The stigma varies from illness to illness but it is different for depression from the rest of the mental illnesses out there.

Depression has such a negative aspect to it which makes people dealing with it seem to be unreliable and unattractive.

There is also a self-stigmatization which makes people feel ashamed of themselves and causes them to be secretive about their illness. This is a big barrier in causing the person to seek out treatment for what they are going through. Read More